If they don't pay, don't delay. File your Mechanics Lien!
Automobile mechanics please click here.  You did the work. You didn’t get paid. Now what? File your mechanics lien. We prepare all the documents for you. You just sign and mail to the county recorder. Our fee for most Illinois counties is only $165.  All documents are prepared in Illinois by an Illinois licensed attorney.

You lean on us. We lien on them!

Illinois Document Preparation Co. prepares mechanics lien documents for projects anywhere in the state of Illinois. Call us toll-free at 866-866-LIEN (or 630-426-0085).

Who can file a Mechanics Lien?

  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Material Suppliers
  • Employees
  • Architects
  • Property Managers

Others can too! Call us to discuss!

Illinois law grants broad lien rights to mechanics. Contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers can file a mechanics lien. You can file a mechanics lien if you provided labor and/or material on fixtures. Fixtures means the land, the building attached to the land, or anything permanently attached to the land or building. You can file a mechanics lien even if you did work for a tenant and not the owner directly.

You may qualify if you provided or installed or repaired

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Cabinetry
  • HVAC
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Demolition services
  • Environmental services
  • Welding
  • Drainage
  • Painting/decorating
  • Sidewalk/fence/driveway/parking lot
  • Anything that is attached or immovable–call if you’re not sure! Toll-free 866-866-LIEN (or 630-426-0085)

Let us handle your Mechanics Liens

Contractors and material suppliers know what a problem deadbeat customers can be. Sometimes it seems that the deadbeat debtors have more rights than the contractors and material suppliers who do their jobs in a timely, workmanlike manner. The Illinois Mechanics Lien Act gives the contractor and material supplier very powerful rights.

The Illinois Mechanics Lien Act has been the law in Illinois since 1825. And yet few contractors or material suppliers know how to take advantage of it. Illinois courts have carefully protected the mechanics lien rights of contractors and material suppliers but only when they file their liens in the form that the law requires. Let Illinois Document Preparation Co. prepare your mechanics lien documents for you.

Did you know?

You can file a mechanics lien even if . . .

  • your customer was a tenant and not the owner
  • your customer doesn't own the property anymore
  • your customer has filed bankruptcy (under some circumstances)

IMPORTANT ALERT! Some lien-preparation companies are now claiming that you can include their fee in the lien. Not true. Literally hundreds of Illinois court cases state that your lien is limited to the value of labor and materials used to improve the property. Lien-preparation fees are not includable. Be very careful. If you overreach, you risk your entire lien being struck down. See FAQ’s for more information.

BREAKING NEWS! We now offer electronic filing of mechanics liens!  See FAQ's for details.

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